Behind The Suds: Big Woods Buck Hunter

Behind The Suds: Big Woods Buck Hunter

Nature is always our most powerful muse when developing our signature products and our revered Big Woods Buck Hunter bar is the epitome of nature. A hell of a lot goes into our R&D when developing our soaps and other products; from story to scent to ingredients, our chief suds engineer and team meticulously crafts each scent in such a way as to paint a picture in the mind when you bring the bar to your nose, close your eyes and inhale. For Big Woods Buck Hunter, the process came easily. Being an outdoorsman himself, our founder has spent a lifetime in the woods hunting and fishing. One of the most important elements as a hunter is scent control and concealment. You have to play the wind and blending in with nature is key to success. Most hunters will crush a handful of pine needles, Cedar or spruce and rub down their clothing when heading into the woods to hunt in an attempt to smell like the natural surroundings. This universal habit was foundational in the development of Big Woods Buck Hunter.

Today, most traditional "Hunting Soap" is "no-scent" and is made with harsh chemicals that are horrendous for your skin, dries you out and actually smells faintly like Elmer's Glue. We decided to do something a little different and use healthy, organic ingredients like Pine, Pine Needle, Balsam Fir and Cypress Essential Oils that actually smell like the forest. We added organic additives such as Activated Charcoal, Pine Tar Extract, Ground Oatmeal and Pulverized Black Walnut Hulls to help eliminate and conceal natural human odors and exfoliate dead skin cells and pull grime and toxins from the skin leaving it smooth and replenished.

In short, why use a hunting soap made from chemicals in a lab that smells like Elmer's Glue? Our answer is, don't! Our Big Woods Buck Hunter bar is the ultimate outdoorsman soap that leaves a faint cover scent that mimics the forest, nourishes your skin and helps you to blend in with nature using scents and additives plucked directly from nature itself. 




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