Here at Sudsy Bear we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create the highest quality natural personal care products on the planet using the very best organic ingredients that not only step up your shower game, but also promotes a healthier lifestyle, while reconnecting us all to the great outdoors.
Our background is rooted in agriculture having spent the last decade (after college) making a living off the land in the family farming operation in Central Florida. The Farm-to-Table philosophy was deeply rooted in the decision to officially launch Sudsy Bear in March of 2021. 
We began with 5 or 6 bar soap scents and a dream. Our founder, Jacob, explained his vision to his mother and she sketched out a pen and ink logo that became the iconic image it is today. In a few days time we built a website, created a brand-voice and the company was born in our kitchen. It wasn't long before the company expanded into the dining and living room with boxes, packing slips, raw materials and soap stacked in every nook and cranny of the house.  Each night we would work late into the night and load up our vehicles each morning with packages to delivery to the various carriers.  
By the Summer of 2021 our company exploded and we quickly out grew our home. So we expanded and renovated our family's farming warehouse and offices that became "The Sudsy Den."
Fast-forward to today and we now ship our products to every state in the United States, Canada and Europe serving tens of thousands of men (and women) who've made the switch to something better.
All of our product R&D and formulations are intensively done in-house. Once the formulations are perfected we contract out labor to our amazing manufacturing partner for full-scale production. The benefits of this are enormous. Not only does it allow us to devote more time to new product development and R&D, but it also allows us to continue to scale our company well beyond what our facility will allow and maintain the highest standards of quality through our partnership with some of the best soap makers on the planet. 
We conscientiously and responsibly source all of our natural/organic ingredients ourselves right here in the U.S.A. We take pride in the fact that we do not source anything from China or elsewhere outside the U.S.A. 
It is our goal to revolutionize the men's health care product industry and it's no secret how we're going to do it. By creating the very best natural products in the industry while remaining hyper-focused on our amazing customers and constantly obsessing on their needs and wants. We hope you'll come join the Sudsy family!
The Future
We will be up and running with our full-scale, in-house manufacturing of masculine all-natural Lip Balms in the coming months! (Photo is the commercial filler we are investing in)