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Buck Hunter Natural Deodorant

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Be the forest. With scent notes of crisp pine needles, woodsy Cypress, Cedarwood and Balsam Fir, we designed this natural deodorant specifically with outdoorsman in mind using all organic ingredients found in the deep forest.

Sick and tired of using that gimmicky and chalky hunting deodorant made from harsh, harmful chemicals and nasty filler ingredients that scorch your pits and leaves nasty clumps in your underarm hair and stains your shirts? No More! We've formulated the ultimate all-natural hunters/outdoorsman deodorant full of organic essential oils and additives plucked from the forest and field tested by sportsman and big game hunters alike. Because we formulated this foresty deo specifically with outdoorsman in mind, we wanted to create a great, mild-scented deodorant that's both highly effective and healthy to use, while creating a forest-inspired scent that is mild enough to use while hunting, but still fresh as the forest itself. We don't believe in "eliminating" human scent as we all know that's impossible in the realm of deer hunting. However, we do believe in the idea of using the scents of the forest to help conceal your natural human scent in the woods.

 Big Game Hunters and Outdoorsman know that blending in with the wilderness and avoiding being winded by game is half the battle. We don't want to mimic the scents in the forest, we want to BE the forest. We jam-packed this all natural deodorant with Organic Pine Needle Essential Oil, which not only adds to the authentic Pine Forest scent, but also adds antipruritic, antibacterial and antifungal properties among other benefits to your skin, as well as help to detract mosquitoes. We added Activated Charcoal, which, among other functional benefits, helps to eliminate and suppress natural human scent. With an Essential Oil blend of Pine Needle, Cypress, Cedarwood and Balsam Fir, you will literally become the forest. 

*This deodorant is rather mild in scent as it was developed for hunters and outdoorsman. While the scent is fresh as the forest, it is not an "In-your-face" type of scent.