Mankind has slowly, but surely drifted away from his natural roots. Many of us live in the crowded concrete jungles of urban chaos. We, as humans, have drifted far from nature and the natural world. Whether we know it or not, each of us deep down, craves the purity of nature and long for the serenity and peaceful solitude of the deep wilderness. We at Sudsy Bear have harnessed the natural goodness of the wilderness in all of our all natural and organic soaps and other products to help each of us return in some small way back to the purity of the natural world. We make our wilderness-crafted products using only natural plant-based oils and organic additives that are only found in nature. Big brand soap companies are clearly only interested in one thing, the all-mighty dollar. They carelessly sling crappy and inferior products out into the market containing synthetic filler-ingredients, harmful dyes and additives that are not only inferior in quality, but harmful to our skin and health. Here at Sudsy Bear, we are committed to not only creating the highest quality all natural products on the planet, but to also improve the health and wellbeing of Sudsy Nation and to revolutionize men's shower experience. ~Go natural. Stay Wild.


In the beginning...

 Driven by a passion for natural products, particularly handcrafted all-natural soap, our founder, Jacob, began tinkering with hard and soft oils, essential oils, natural scents & organic additives and began creating his own recipes in his kitchen in Pierson, FL. After countless batches and hours spent perfecting the process, THE SUDSY BAR was born. Friends and family tried it out and became devoted fans overnight.  

The Sudsy Mission

The Sudsy Bear mission remains the same today: to revolutionize men's showers and how they approach their hygiene by providing healthy, ridiculously sudsy soap made from natural plant-based oils and organic additives that reenergizes the shower experience, providing a healthy alternative to crappy big brand soap, and bringing the wilderness indoors to help reconnect folks with their ancient roots in nature. Our all natural soaps, made from luscious organic ingredients, will have you smelling like you just emerged from a mountain stream in your birthday suit surrounded by Alpines, Cedars and glorious sunshine. 


The Sudsy Focus

While most soap companies are driven by cutting costs, our focus is on creating a superior, natural, handmade bar and a better, more healthy and revitalizing shower experience. With over 15 All Natural Scents that produce an intoxicatingly thick, sudsy lather, A Sudsy Bear Shower is an adventure that's not only damn fresh, but phenomenal for your skin and health. 

Is Natural Soap for Me?

 Great Question! Maybe you or your household are not “natural” type folks. Maybe you enjoy your generic brand name soaps or enjoy rubbing down with chemical-based detergent each day. But the truth is, you’re not a lab rat and no one wants to use harsh, chemical-base products on their skin. We, as humans, or more precisely our skin, crave healthy nourishing ingredients found in the wilderness like the ones found in our products. 


Well, Why Make Soaps Just for Men?

 While our handcrafted soaps are made with natural ingredients and scents that traditionally appeal more to men, we believe nature doesn’t discriminate. Simple natural ingredients and scents derived straight from the Earth appeal to everyone. We’ve yet to find anyone, men or women, who dislikes soap bars jammed packed with natural nutrients and essential oils that make your eye balls roll back in your head. Our founder, Jacob, had an epiphany one evening in the shower while lathered in suds from one of the bars he'd been experimenting with. He noticed his wife’s brand name soap bar sitting in the shower rack untouched as it had been for weeks while his own natural handmade bar had shrunk quicker than it should have. His wife preferred using his natural, Earthy-scented recipe over the brand name soap she had used her entire life. An idea was born. So granted, while we market our products to men, women love our soaps too. So in the final analysis, men and women alike prefer to be lathered in sudsy natural excellence and smell fresh as the cool shadows beneath a coconut palm on a sun-drenched beach where the sea ebbs and flows on a Summer evening. 


How We Make Our Soap

 Unlike name brand soap bars, our bars are square because like Dave Thomas, we refuse to cut corners. We only use the traditional cold process for all of our soap to retain the natural glycerin and luscious nutrients in each bar, without the necessity of harsh preservatives. All our handmade Soaps are made in the good ole’ USA, so you’re not only enhancing your shower experience and being kind to your skin with healthy all-natural ingredients and smelling as nature intended, but you’re also supporting an all-American brand.


Don’t Be Ordinary. Be Sudstraordinary.

 Our mission doesn’t stop with natural, sudsy, foamy, lathery, nutrient-packed soaps. We are always in the Sudsy Den doing Research & Development for new natural products to help you step up your shower game. Keep an eye out for awesome new Sudsy Bear products coming soon! We're currently deep into our trial phase for our new 100% Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Line!


Your Sudsyfacation Is Guaranteed
 We truly believe our soap is better than the competition. If you use a Sudsy Bar and can honestly say it's not for you, that Bar is on us no questions asked.
Everyone should want to live a more wholesomely natural and healthy life. It's time to take charge of your own lather, smell your awesomest, and JOIN THE SUDSY NATION of men (Women too) who’ve decided they are worthy of Sudsy excellence.
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